Jessica Hiemstra
Toronto Artist. Writer. Designer.


Set Designing for Pencil Kit Productions

I'm super excited to be working with Pencil Kit Productions on a brand new play by the amazing Shannon Bramer-- The Hungriest Woman in the World. It's my first time working on a set. We just finished loading into the theatre yesterday and it looks great!


This wonderful man, David Buwalda, helped build the set! We painted. We schemed. We cut. We ate cookies. And he told me about riding bareback in just a pair of shorts a long long time ago.



The whole team spent time stringing hundreds of little glass tear drops for this set! And they sparkle so nicely in the stage lights!



We also made twenty bohemian pillows and matching bed spread! Thanks Magnus Berg for the photo.



Magnus also took this photo for us! Excited to open, tomorrow!

Claren Grosz