Jessica Hiemstra
Toronto Artist. Writer. Designer.


Say it! Appearing as a guest poet


A legacy project from the 12 year term of inaugural Poet Laureate of Cobourg, Eric Winter, "The Third Thursday Reading Series" has been in existence for more than 15 years, sponsored by the Cobourg Poetry Workshop, but, as of 2017 will only be held occasionally throughout the year.

{poetry in Cobourg spaces} has agreed to play a part to help ensure a return to a full annual monthly schedule because that is now a firmly established tradition in our Town -- *Say it* is held in as many of the remaining months as possible.

This will be the third time this addition to what-we-hope-to-be-monthly-readings occurs. There will be feature presentations by Spencer Gordon and Jessica Hiemstra, visiting Cobourg to present their poetry collections. Nightwood Editions is the publisher of the much-anticipated “Cruise Missile Liberals” and Pedlar Press issued “The Holy Nothing.”

Also giving a full reading will be Ted Amsden – always a favourite of our local crowd poetry crowds. He will offer OPP* for the most part along with a couple of his own compositions.

* OPP = Other People's Poetry


While she was visiting Cobourg, she took the time to use sidewalk chalk to quote some words in Stanza Room Only from Gord Downie -- a tribute because he died earlier the same day.

Trick Rider
(Gordon Downie)

... Just make your friends
while you're still young,
before you can't see
through anyone.

Claren Grosz