Jessica Hiemstra
Artist. Writer. Designer. Maker-of-things.


Jessica wants to paint your walls!

(And your windows, and your benches, and anything else you think you’d like jazzed-up or re-invented)

Commission Jessica to do a store window display, your child’s bedroom, or the wall behind your office desk. She’s got templates with fixed prices you can choose from, or you can pitch your idea to Jessica for a personalized quote. Jessica’s a Yes Woman. She’s got experience working with all sorts of people— including young children with special needs, teens who want dragons on their walls and big-vision artist types and entrepreneurs. She’s open to collaborating on work and spearheading a group effort too!

Jessica’s dream is to paint giant murals on the sides of old buildings and wake them up with colour, drama, narrative. What’s your dream?



Select a template and a size and email us.
Please include the title of the template and, if applicable, the number of the variation you’d like.

Template Pricing:

  • 1 – 30sq feet = $50 /square foot

  • 31 – 50sq feet =$40 /square foot 

  • 51 + sq feet = $30 /square foot



Sometimes you don’t see the forest for the trees.

Impossible Fishtank

Drips on walls with swimming fish. Drips directly on wall, fish are prints and affixed to the wall, swimming through your space. No tank too big. No tank too small. 

Brush with Fate

Large abstract colourful pieces. Contemporary. Dramatic. Ideal work for a condominium wall or corporate space that wants to make a stylish, modern impression.

Playful Colours

A splash of colour for your living room, bedroom, kitchen or nursery. These versatile styles will fill any room with joy.


The mural has texture! This technique uses string and paint. 

Eric and Eloise

You can have a painting of one of the illustrations from Eric & Eloise painted on your wall. Here are a few examples, but Jessica will do any of the illustrations – just go to the Eric and Eloise shop to see more. 

Daisy Daisy

Jessica can put blue skies and daisies anywhere you need them anytime you want them. 

Playful Pictures

Let’s draw and paint a story on your wall! These murals will add dimension, texture, warmth and surprise to any room.

Go 3D!

It’s not paint, but it’s still beautiful. If you want a splash of painted wood or broken ceramics on your walls, Jessica can make it happen for you. 


Shim Tides

Add Ons:

  • Invite your child to paint alongside Jessica so they can be part of the making of the painting in their room: $250  

  • Colour changes (comes with a consultation): $150

For custom projects, email Jessica to discuss dreams and budgets and get a personalized quote.




Working with Jessica is a joy. She understands the deepest intentions and interactions for the space and, with a firm grasp of safety and budget restrictions, designs with a rare intuition and insight. She implements all with grace and efficiency. She wants the best for each space - to create something that is evocative, intriguing, memorable, beautiful.


- Anne Michaels is a poet and novelist. Jessica’s worked with Anne on set-designs for launches of her work.


Jessica Hiemstra is not just smart, she’s good-smart. I know this because she helped me when I needed her advice, and I’m forever grateful.


- Joe Fiorito is a journalist, a novelist and a poet working in Toronto. Jessica helped him with a book launch at the Revue Cinema.

Jessica makes things. Wonderful, joyous, lovely and free things. Ideas and images, stuff and magic. And she'll make them for you, based on your ideas but processed through her imagination and made real by her talented hands. She is a delight to work with. A rare combination of artist and professional business person. 


- Laura-Jean Bernhardson is an entrepreneur and business coach

Jessica designed the decoration on the soundboard of my clavichord.  I told her what I loosely had in mind - a grasshopper, grass, a flower and a dragonfly - and she carefully researched native species and came up with something that was at once bold, elegant and playful, and which complemented the geometry of the instrument perfectly.  Both the instrument builder and I were most impressed, and the final product is spectacular.


- David Derry had Jessica paint his clavichord.

Jessica Hiemstra is a maker of things who makes things work. Give her an idea and [...] she thinks hard as she seeks the stillness of conviction, and then moves with a rush of intuitions. If that’s too fancy a way of putting it, every time I’ve worked with her she has come up with a fresh way of looking at a problem and then she has solved the problem, to my satisfaction, and to the satisfaction of all participants. Problem solved with decisive grace. Still too fancy. Well, just hire her and the job’ll get done and you’ll be more than happy with the results. 


- Barry Callaghan is a publisher whom Jessica has helped with many a book launch.


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