Artist. Writer. Designer. Maker-of-things.


For the Space


Jessica transforms spaces into magical places— whether it’s on stage, in a showroom, a child’s bedroom or in a store window. And she wants to collaborate with YOU! Please reach out with any kind of creative endeavour you think Jessica’s head, heart and hands might help you with.


Working with Jessica Hiemstra on creative projects has taught me the true meaning of the word collaboration. Jessica pours her heart and talent into every project, while simultaneously creating a process that invites feedback and guidance. The love with which she creates can be felt in every piece of art she produces. As a result, our customers have had an emotional connection to her work that they can’t quite explain. Installations Jessica has created as an artist for Accent Decor have literally moved our customers to tears.  As her Creative Director, I can confidently trust Jessica to create something that both reflects my vision and her unparalleled talent.

Sarah Bagle, Creative Director

Accent Decor



These are some of the walls (and benches) Jessica has transformed. She’d be really excited to transform your walls too! Curious?


Set Design

Jessica recently made her set design debut working on Shannon Bramer's The Hungriest Woman in the World with Pencil Kit Productions. For her work, she received the My Entertainment World award for Outstanding Set and Costume Design 2017.

 From left to right: Jessica Hiemstra, Claren Grosz and Olivia Croft. Photo by John Gundy.

From left to right: Jessica Hiemstra, Claren Grosz and Olivia Croft. Photo by John Gundy.

Photos by Magnus Berg

“Jessica brings an anything-is-possible attitude that she backs up with practical, affordable solutions. When obstacles come up she is able to pivot quickly, making potentially stressful situations a breeze. The award-winning set she designed and built for us elevated our production to another level.”

- Claren Grosz, director/producer of The Hungriest Woman in the World and Artistic Director of Pencil Kit Productions.


Showroom Art

Jessica makes art for Accent Décor, an ethical, adventurous home décor company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Jessica creates backdrops, designs products, and works with them to make their world and our world a little bit kinder and prettier. She draws, paints, designs props, and makes everything from whimsical holiday dinner plates to giant sculptures of jellyfish.

Cactus Party

Imagining a party in New Mexico, Jessica and the Accent Decor design team created a space fit for cactus queens. See More.

Sunny Space

Making space for succulents. See More.

Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Jessica and the Accent Decor design team hung laundry in a room with no wind and it blew all over the place. We made kites and sheets with plaster and clothespins. And dreamy paintings of blue skies. See more.

Paper and Paint

Recycling at its finest. Popped these empty cans on the wall and suddenly the wall was awake with fantastic colour and energy. See More.

Floral Lab

Sometimes beauty needs a megaphone. And a little trimming with scissors. See more.

The Wheelbarrow

Everything depends on a red wheelbarrow. So make some chickens and wallpaper a lawnmower. See More.

Figures in Time

Jessica got wild with some old art – from Botero’s Adam and Eve to Michelangelo’s David. She made a garden for them with paint, paper and a whole lot of play. See More.


Rope. Linen. Braids. Baskets. See more.

Storybook Land

I’m allowed to write and draw on the walls! See more.


Don’t worry. These pianos were beyond redemption. See more.


Painting on plastic with plastic (acrylic on acrylic). See more.

Stringing Along

Glue, string, plywood. Jessica loves getting tangled up in things. See more.